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foreman gc numbers.

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what are yall gettin at the bash plate and floorboards?

i just installed 2 lift kits on the front of the foreman, "1 bracket on top and 1 on the bottom. i got 14.5 at the bash plate and a hair under 14" at the floorboard. this is with 26" 589s, ill have 4 27x12 mudzilas mounted tomorrow so i should be looking at around 15.5 to 16" of ground clearence in the front at the bottom of the bash plate. what are yall getting?
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I got 11 at the lowest point of the whole bike which is the rear diff cover.i think i have 16 at the floorboards and 15 at the skid.
for now. my thumb is the only thing that will determine if i need gorillas.
The honda axles are good I would not worry about them, But if you had a Yamaha I would there axles always brake. I have friend with a Rubi. w/ HL lift spings ,28" laws, and beats the **** out of it and has no problems. I would would not spend all that money yet.
With a 2" lift up front you may have trouble changing CV boots next time ..
Combined its more like a 3 1/4 lift. the shocks are compressed in atleast 15%. the balljoints are what is maxed out.
That should be a nice and smooth ride
Looks good. That looks a lot higher than mine and i got bigger tires.
On my 04 450ES Fourman I was running at one time the HL bracket lift kit and also had Progressive lift shocks with the adjustments for height maxed out and I was running 28 Mudzilla's with alum ITP offset rims.I had almost 1000 miles on the OEM Honda axles and never had one break or fail,the LF bearing was the only part I replaced on that atv,it rode like a tractor though,never measured the ground clearance.My new 500 lifted with the HL kit on 27" tires has some mad ground clearance,a ten gallon bucket can fit all the way under untill it hits the rear diff.I may have future axle problems with this bike due to the xtrreme inboard cv angles,I'll ride it hard untill something gives,it is a Honda right!!!!!!!!!
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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