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foreman ES problem

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My Brother has a 2005 500 ES 4x4.
He calls me a few min ago wondering if i have ever heard of this problem.

The Gear Selector Indicator shows 2 Dashes ( -- ). It shifts fine from R-5th. The Gear Selector Indicator only shows the Dashes from R-3rd. IT WILL read 4th and 5th gear. NO 4x4 light blinking either..

What do you guys know?
Ive been away from them too long to think of the problem..

Help guys, Thanks!!
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Mine did this and I took it to the shop and they said the clutch was out of adjustment. Has worked fine since then.
Thanks man!!
Ill tell my brother and check it out soon.
Any other suggestions?

Did they tell you if it was too tight or loose?
Nope just that it was out of adjustment. Does it shift funny? Does it shift as soon as you push the buttons?
ya mine did same took it to shop. sensor went bad i cant remember the name of it. its on the front of hte block if u stand ur foreman up and take the skid plate of u wil see it.. it was like 40.00
Yea, when he hits the shifter button, it jumps..
Now he is tryin to loosen the clutch and he cant turn the adjuster... any suggetions?
angle sensor maybe??
Mine would not jump it just would not shift until it was at a lower rpm.
Thanks guys!
Well we aint in a hurry anymore.
My brother found he had a bent valve stem, the adjuster was hittin on the spring retainer, and wore the adjuster down to almost a 45* angle on the end, he cant get the clutch adjuster to move either.

My transmission went out on me in my truck tonight, so we are in a heap of problems.
Wow what in the world did he do to do all that?
We have no idea.
about 500 miles ago he went to adjust the valves and found out the Adjuster was messed up. So he got another one and put it in.
Now all these problems have showed up...
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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