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Foreman ES or S

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here is what i got yesterday myparents told me if i got a job and want a 4 wheeler they will co-sign on a lown so im wonderign what i would get ES or S. my dad has an ES and i like it but we havent done a whole lot of mudding and water crossing. i plan on mudding and doing water on mine. would the ES or S be better for me.
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You ride an ES now right? Do you like it? If you get an S you will have to shift differently. Do you want to?
I have an ES and like it because when I go through water and do not want to get my boots wet I don't have to.
ive had both. i personally love the s. its alot more fun to drive. but thats just my opinion
i've ridden a foot shift before. I like them, you can shift faster and more firm but then again it's alot easier to just push a button especially when you're standing up or have water up to the gas tank I personally have an ES.
Yes my dad has an ES now and i like it and i have been told ES is good when you mudd so if it tries to float or you need to do wheelies then you can have both feet on the rack and still beable to shift. but the S model is cheaper since i have to pay for this on my own and i am only 16.
yeah it'll only save you a couple bucks a month tho. I wouldn't worry about that. You should go work for dicks sporting goods...the Distribution Center in Plainfield. I work at the DC in Smithton Pennsylvania
What's another 200 or 300 bucks when your spending 5500 or so?
oh wait youre from illinois nevermind i thought ur profile said indiana thats where plainfield is at
the clostest dicks from here is springfeild il which is like 80 miles from here big_daddy you got a point i think i will get ES since in the year and 3 months that we have had our foreman i like it and the ES is handy when i want to feal lazy.
if i get this union job i think im gonna let my brother keep my foreman at his house and im gonna go buy a rincon
just make sure that you diaelctric grease the angle sensor and you will be fine with the es no matter how much water your in
when i go to deeletric greazing it i will ask you how to go about doing that and im not for sure if im going to take them up on their offer just yet since i still need to get myself a truck to hual or tow it with
I have and ES on my forman and i love it it was only $200 more
then and S
QUOTE ("dirtyrider6104":w41hm21k)
just make sure that you diaelctric grease the angle sensor and you will be fine with the es no matter how much water your in
Where is the angle sensor at?
honda S

Get a standard, it gives you full control over shifting, it lets you feel what gear your in and its fn. PLu if your gona submerge it all you need to do is put it in 2nd and pick your feet up.
yeah but i've gotten stuck a few times where shifting to 1st to really dig in has pulled me out and even shifting to third to get them tires spinning fast has helped.
I have an ES and love it when I'm in deep water and mud. I do however like the S better. I have never had an ES act up on me (other than sending me a code, which proved to be nothing).

to me, simple is always better.
i think i would like the S since like you said they are simple and there is no electronics involved but i have gotten pretty lazy with our ES and i seems like really quick for shifting. i still think i will get an ES though
i have been told that the s is lower geared than the es i have searched and came up with the gears have the same amount of truth i just wanted to know if i was right or not
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