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Does anyone know where i could get a new or used engine for a foreman400. I got mud in mine about a year ago and it has worn out everything inside the engine. Im wondering where i could get a replacement engine for my foreman.
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EBAy is probably your best bet.
yes there is a 450 bottom end on ebay right now, Its has been taken apart so I dont know if everything is there. Where are u located, I have a 400 motor that has been taken apart. Its needs a rebuild.
foreman400 engine

i Live in noth west Alabama near the city of Hamilton. what about this 44 engine that you say you have?
the motor has been completely torn down. The only thing that is missing from the motor is the balancer, couple of bearings,starter and speedo senser. I needed the balancer/bearings for my other 400 foreman, sold the starter and the senser. It will need to be completely rebuilt and everything put back together. everything is in a box. Bolts and all.
Some junkyards I hear have quads laying around, or I would look on ebay.
would you sell that 400 engine? if so how much and do you think it would be worth the reconstruction?
Yes the motor is rebuildable. where are u located? I want hurt u to bad on a price. But shipping this will be a problem. I just tore it down a couple months ago for the balancer, It was still running, but but knocking and smoking bad. I had another engine and just starting rebuilding it for the wifes bike.
well, if it is smoking and knocking I wouldnt be improving my situation any by buying your motor. I already have one that smokes and knocks, but I also have all the parts to it. unless you just wanted to sell it dirt cheap I wouldnt really be that intrested. Im out of Guin alabama just about 15 miles south of Hamilton alabama. where are you located.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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