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Foreman Doesnt Shift!!

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hey guys, all right my 2002 Foreman ES with about 5500kms on it stoped shifting past 1st gear the other day! what an annoying ride home that was. All i have is R N 1. What causes this? what can be done to fix it?
has this happened to anyone else?
thanks very much
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Does your gear indicator light flash? I've had a bunch of problems on my wife's 2002 Recon ES. The most common problem is the angle sensor fails.It's located behind a tin shield on the lower front side of the engine.It's very easy to replace and costs about $45.00.
the gear indicator light did flash but never got a good count of how many times. i plowed the drive way with it the other day and it ran like a champ in R N 1. the gear indicator light did not flash any of the time when i was plowing.
Sounds like the sensor to me, try shifting it with the manual shift if you can got through the gears.. thats no doubt what it is.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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