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Foreman Dilemma

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Well, I'm looking to make my first mod to my Foreman! Right now I have 2 primary options as follows:

1.) I already had a Ramsey 2,500 winch (Wireless) installed on my Bayou 220. Now that I've got the Foreman, I want it on there, but due to the way the wireless setup works, I do not want to install the wireless setup on my Foreman. So, from I can get a replacement manual toggle switch assembly and the Ramsey winch mount for $138.58 "OTD."

2.) I want to keep the Foreman in as good of shape as possible, for as long as possible. From I can get an Outdoor South Brush Guard for $104.75 "OTD".

What do you guys think I should do? I know most would say go with the winch, but the thing is, right now since the Foreman is so new, I'm not planning on doing anything to get stuck (Deep mudding, rock climbing, etc.) The brush guard will keep the front end from getting scratched when riding in the woods and such. But the plus side to the winch is, that every time I need to use it, I won't have to drag out the Bayou and all.

So what do you guys think? Thanks for any opinions!
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Congrads on the new Foreman MudKing. Since your own words are: "I want to keep the Foreman in as good of shape as possible, for as long as possible" You should go with the brushguard, I know with the winch you'll sink it in every hole you can find knowing if you don't make it you'll just winch yourself out, which will not keep your Foreman new for long. But I really enjoy the security of a winch. Good luck with your choice.
well due to your saying to you would like to keep the foreman as new as possible for a while i would recomend that you do the brush guard first and then save up some more money and flip your winch over...but then again a little bit of sand paper and some gloss black panit and a bumper can look good as new again too...cause really what fun is a foreman 'less you gonna get it dirty?
Thanks for the opinions! I'll be ordering the Brush Guard tomorrow, and when I get it, I'll be sure to upload a few pics, then I'll hit the woods and find some new hills to climb with my newly discovered 4x4 . Big step up from the 2x4 Bayou 220.

Actually the last time I got the chance to ride, which was a couple days ago, I've got this awesome place on the back side of our land that a big gulley. Well there's the easy section and the technical section. Well the easy section I can FAIRLY easily make it up on my Bayou with a little wheel spin. And about 5' down from that my Bayou just can't pull it, so that's where I test my winch out at (on the Bayou).

Here's a pic of the "easy" part I'm talking about:

<a href="" target="_blank"> ... pg&.src=ph</a>

It's pretty difficult there to tell just how steep it is, but the Bayou absolutely will not climb it, too steep. Well I took the foreman up it and wow, climbed it like it was a bump, and so I got a little crazy on it, and turned around, rode back down, and I actually backed up it, no problem, stock tires.
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That looks fun, what I wouldnt do to have some of my own property to ride on...maybe one day!!
get it durty

take some pictures of it the drive it like u stold it thats just me
Thanks for all of the positive feedback guys. I did get the bumper, and installed it today. Looks great! Here is the pic I promised:
That looks like it will be effective.
I would not want to be on the recieving end of that bumper!! Looks tough!
! It's indestructible! lol
looks great i may have to get one of those does it have a built in winch mount
nice bumper
The bumper didn't come with a winch mount, but as you see, it does have an opening for the winch, I'll make a second post showing a picture with the winch installed.

And thanks! It definately does the job!
Here's the pic. Ramsey 2,500 winch with Ramsey winch plate which I suggest for NO ONE to buy!!!
You don't like the winch or the mounting plate?
The winch plate. It's designed to be placed in a good spot but the actual mount is designed bad. Unless you have a 2 person installation, it's almost impossible to install the winch so that the motor doesn't touch the front bumper mount. Also the top post of the winch motor will rub on the bottom of the headlight unless perfect care is taken.

It's not worth the effort, pay the what... $3 difference and get the Warn mount.

As for the winch, it'll beat the Warn 2,500 in the ground with reliability. Warn 2,500's arent sealed and have a 1 year warranty. The Ramsey 2,500 I believe is sealed but it's been submerged when it was on the Bayou more times than I can count and it's never gotten water in... and it has a LIFETIME warranty!
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