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foreman dieing out on steep hills..

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i was easeing down a steep hill..and i do mean steep, trying to get to a mud hole i didn't need to be at in the first place..and when i got to the bottom i realized if i went in this mud hole i was gonna sink to my handle bars and thiers really wasn't no way to pull it i stopped and was trying to figure out the best way out of this mess and maybe after 30-40 seconds my foreman cut off..and would not the end i had to be winched back up the hill..but why did my bike cut off..i'm guessing something to do with my soon as i got back on level ground it fired right up..any ideas..??
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Rincons do not have an angle sensor, but Foremans may. It may have some type of sensor that cuts off at steep angles..
No your carb most likely flooded out because of the angle, and just kept dumpin fuel in until you got to flat ground. I assume you were probably idling when you were sitting there so it probably just loadedup if you keep the rpm's up you should be ok because it will burn of the excess fuel. Also if you had your carb drain plugged this would also cause the problem because instead of dumpin extra fuel out on the ground it was being forced into the motor, causing you to stall.
i bet its because the gas is going to one end of the tank and you are running out of gas. this has happened to me alot before, all you have to do is get on a farly flat place and start it up again.
My 05 Foreman 500S did the exact same thing about a month and a half ago when I was facing down a real steep hill winching my buddys 450R up out of a deep ravine. It ran for about 3 mins it that position and then started to idle down real low then died. It took 3 of use to get it turned around on its side and I had to use the carb. primer to get fuel to the carb then it fired up. It took a few seconds to get it to stay running and then it was fine. So I would said that the carb got sucked dry and or at that much of an angle the carb. can not pick up the fuel to keep it running.
Gravity happened. Fuel stopped flowing to the carb. That's one thing I hate about the Honda's. I was thinking about putting an inline fuel pump on mine. I just don't know how the carb would react. At least my Ruby will run longer than the Rincon did at steep angles.
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