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Foreman Camo Plastic

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Is it avalible yet?
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yes. saw one a couple weeks ago while out riding. pretty sharp. i make my own camo, cover it in mud.
They are out. i own one. pleased with honda's camo package. looks good. but i am bias i guess.
I want to change the color of my Foreman form yellow to camo. I just want to buy the plastic.
i have heard the camo is just a covering over some really ugly colored olive and the camo for some reason peels off even when they are like 3 months old
the camo is put on over an olive base but the color is moulded in the plastic no a decal. no way for the 07 to peel.
good thing they fixed it for 07 the older ones sucked
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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