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Foreman Bogging Down !!!!!!

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Can someone tell me what causes the atv to bog down when the muffler gets under water? Is there anyway to prevent that without a snorkel? It would be nice to go through a nasty hole at 100% power and not 10%.....
Most of the time it just shuts off if I dont get out the hole quickly when the pipe is under water....
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I'm not sure of the answer to your question but I know when I ride with the tailpipe under water my bike won't idle,If I stay on the gas and keep it revved up then it stays running and powers right on through.
the jetting is probly off a little or there is water comin in threw ur carburator vent lines, my suggeston would be to run all the vent lines to the habdle bars and put a screw in the drain vent comin from the float bowl when u know u are about to hit something deep, mine is fully snorkeled and i can have it handle bar deep jus idling and it will have full power
have you di-electric greased your sparkplug boot... bout the same height as the muffler. I had this problem a little while back and it was just the sparkplug wire comming loose from the boot.
not sure if this will help but i hope it does.
Do you fill the spark plug boot with grease or just put it around the bottom of the boot?
I filled mine with grease and then it wouldn't "snap" back on.I had to remove some of the grease.
ive been in some major water before and ive never had that problem my bike came from the factory idleing perfectly underwater, and ive never needed to put grease in my spark plugs boot it just does ok as it is
i had the problem with the wire comming out of the boot because i had put to much grease into it. I would just check it and put a little bit of gease in the boot and unscrew the boot from the wire and put a little in there and screw in back on snap the boot on the plug and see if it helps. Not sure if this is what your problem is but it was mine so hope this works for you.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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