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Foreman 800

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Just thinking how bad to the bone would a foreman with a 800cc engine and IRS be. Why can't they make it happen? Do you think this would top all atv's with the right gearing?
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I'd be happy if they just bumped it up to 600cc.
Seeing as Can-Am is working on a 1200cc, I doubt it would last.
and Arcticcrap has a 1000
i havent heard of the canned-ham 1200 yet, that should be a fast bike. arctic cas 1000 is only a 952
I'm sure Honda will make an 800............when everyone else is selling 1800s
Wurd............Have you seen the Big Red yet. What were they doing when they designed the plastic on that. Its ugly.
as for the big red yes the plastics need to be changed looks weird.......also i think that i saw in some magazine that honda is comeing out with a 800 but it is a sport bike
the new quad they have out is the 700XX it is suppose to be compitition for the raptor 700 that yamaha has.?

and yes the Big Red has horrible plastic. couldnt they do something that looked like the "Hippo".
it'd still probley be 3wd drive and have drum breaks lol

Competition for the Raptor? Try comparing the specs between the Raptor and the Honda 700. They are exactly the same. It's an identical motor. Only difference I see is the IRS which I'm not to fond of on a sport.

And yes, my buddy is friends with the local Mazda/Can-Am dealer in town and he was told that in a few short years they will have the 1200. Supposably Can-Am wont release anything new until it comes out.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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