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Hi guys,

Went for my first ride mudding this weekend and was a bit disappointed
in my Foreman 500S.

I went thru mud and water but not deep, and mud was sticky, went thru okay but at about half of the tires level, was in second gear and kept pushing the throttle and the bike was like missing power??? Was like it did not take the trottle response?

Does this ever happen to anybody?

All of the others guys had Yamaha Grizzly, and had son Mud Lite Deep lug and was spinning like ****!!

I would like to buy some 26" MudLite Deep lug, but will my bike will spin like them?

I am afraid that it will need more power, or probably that it's my clutch
that need to be adjust?

I did the recall for clutch plate and now it seems a bit leaking some power
in water and mud?

Any tips or opinion?

Maybe some vids of Foreman 500s in some mud and water will tell me the differences of my bike with yours?


1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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