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Foreman 500S power and spinning in mud

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Hi guys,

Went for my first ride mudding this weekend and was a bit disappointed
in my Foreman 500S.

I went thru mud and water but not deep, and mud was sticky, went thru okay but at about half of the tires level, was in second gear and kept pushing the throttle and the bike was like missing power??? Was like it did not take the trottle response?

Does this ever happen to anybody?

All of the others guys had Yamaha Grizzly, and had son Mud Lite Deep lug and was spinning like ****!!

I would like to buy some 26" MudLite Deep lug, but will my bike will spin like them?

I am afraid that it will need more power, or probably that it's my clutch
that need to be adjust?

I did the recall for clutch plate and now it seems a bit leaking some power
in water and mud?

Any tips or opinion?

Maybe some vids of Foreman 500s in some mud and water will tell me the differences of my bike with yours?


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The grizz has more cc's you have to think about that!
May need more agressve tires.. The wife's 500 Foreman S is a monster and she rarely gets stuck and she is a mud hound. I like water and trails. She has no problems following my 650 Rincon. Here are some pics..
You said that your tires are spinning.. How much air is in your tires.. ( try 4-7 psi ). She usually is in first gear when she needs power so the motor doesn't lag down. How did it do when you were in first gear and on the gas in the mud?
Sorry for multiple posts. She is running 27 inch ITP 589's.. so 26's are fine
Post hog!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL JK!
Im sorry Big Daddy..Every time I posted, I thought of something else to help him on........I'm going to take a cold shower now....
I agree with rincon650 bigger lug tires will help out, I have 27" gators and i spin them fine
No dude I was just all you want we'll read it!
The problem is you were in second gear. these bikes are powerfull but in thick mud you are not going to redline it in 2nd, your usualy lucky to get it to rev up at all. Now if you put it in first you should be able to bounce it off the rev limiter all day long (not that youd want to) in anything but the thickest deepest mud.
...I cant believe Im hearing this!!...The 500 has power you just have to unleash horsepower aint cheap!! But it should turn any 27 inch tire with out any major mods.You should be using 1st gear when goin through any hole..The Brutes and Grizzlys follow me they envy my Here is a pic of me in a bad hole. There are some more pics and vids on website.
..Oh and heres another, I actually had to let out of the throttle before I
But, a factory 500 should be in first. Second gear will tend to bog down in thick stuff.
When i hit the thick nasty stuff in 4wd with the locker im limited to 1st but when in 2wd its 2nd gear pinned to the wind hehe. If its boggin your just not pushin the go-go button enougph. She'll spin them!
amen and git r dun
I know you shouldent, but I did. The first time I took my Honda out, I had it in a hole with good mud and Id say, 3' of water. Never sputterd, coughed, backfired or most imporatntly, stoped. I did notice a power loss when I went deep, and was concerned because I thought this thing had power...then I noticed I was in 3rd gear, down shifted, the RPM's came up and she came on like a madman.
I thought mine was a little sluggish when i first got mine but i put the pipe and jet and it really woke it up. I have no trouble spinning my 27s in first gear
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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