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Hey guys, im new here and im only 14 so yeah, we used to have a foreman 450s.......1998......we sold it and now we are buying(99.9%) a 2006 foreman 500........what are your opinions on it, what is the top speed on it, and anything else you want to say about it...........thanx guys
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i love mine, top speed is 59 on the rev limiter.. do it all the time..
yall gettin a S 4x4? ES 4x4?
u will love it for almost anything u want to do with it.
we are going to get a s.........i would like the es but i dont want all the electonics so yeah we are getting the s...........we are getting it for $5200.00 for green 2006....brand new out of the box.......this is a pretty good deal i it???........and it it a lot better than my old foreman 450s?
thanx guys
o yeah and how many miles can you guys get on a whole tank of gas..........just trail riding in 2wd?.........thanx guys
First...Welcome to the site bsgoosepimp111. Just got the wifethat same bike for that price..Good deal and you will be very happy.
$5200.00 is a very good price.Here in Michigan I paid $5495.00.Mine has 130 miles on it and the fastest it will go is 55 mph.I'm 210 lbs. and no modifications.I'm very pleased with it so far,lots of pulling power.I haven't been on a long trail ride yet to see how the gas mileage is but my friend's 2003 Rubicon goes about 65 miles and he then has to turn on the reserve.I'm thinking the 500 Foreman will be about the same.All depends on how you're on the throttle.
Thats a really good deal. I can hit 49 with 2ppl and 28inch laws, doin some hard core driftin to!
You'll love the new Foreman. I've had mine a year and still love it. I do a good bit of trail riding as well as mudding and have gone 4+ hours solid on a tank. Basically, I burn half a tank (no engine mods) to my buddies 450 (w/mods) full tank.
comparison between the 450s and the 500s foreman

Hi just trying to get some imput . my question is which quad is better the 450s or the 500s , i know the 450s is a beast and bullet proof , but how about the foreman 500s ? I just sold my 03 4x4 rancher which had 2inches of lift and 27 inch super swamper vampires with a warn 424 selector switch . I gave that machine pure **** and had not one bit of problems !! check out my site which is half way done to see what i have put my rancher thru , the site is ( ) check it out and post what you think , in the meanwhile please give me some opinions about the difference between the 2 quads .. im 1500 away from the purchase of a new 500s foreman 4x4 . cant wait or should i go old school 450s ????? later !!!!!!
well I went from a 450s to a 500s. I love the 500, it rides like a caddy compared to the 450, looks better, and is a lot more comfortable, with more power for sure. But, im not totally convinced on the durabilty yet. I think the 500 has a few cheaper parts in it compared to the 450, especially in the trans. You dont hear of 450's breaking the trans, but it has been known to happen in the 500's. But so far I do enjoy the 500!
cool ill take that into consideration .. check out my website that im statring to build its called .... I'm real close to the big purchase , been quadless for 1 month now and im having withdrawals like im a drug addict or something !!! I would like to see some pics of your foreman , if you have some send them to [email protected] thanks and lets keep talking about the differences or any research about the comparisons between the 450s and the 500s .. laterrrrrrrrr.../,;/,';,,.?
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