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Did you buy it new (was it a left over) or was it used..?..Did you get it private sale or from a dealer ..?..

If you got it from a dealer take it back and tell them to adjust the valves and/or check the exhaust packing ..

I have a TRX500 engine still apart ,it's been apart for 2 months now .. It's new and was never sold but it had a noise (slight tick/whirling) at idle and just above idle .. (We've sold several with the same noise) I've checked the counter & main shaft on a trueing stand with dial gage and are perfect.. checked everything with a micrometer ..

When I assemble the crankcases with just the countershaft & mainshaft it turns smooth..assemble with (if I remember right) with countershaft & reverse idler gear the transmission turns 2/3 of a turn smooth then 1 hard spot..Everytime it's turned same thing at the same spot ..

Ordered new counter & main shafts new reverse idler gear & shaft .. Still the same 2/3 turn .. LOL .. With everything new ..

Now Honda wants the alighn bore of the bearings checked and I have no tools to check that so I will have to take the engine to a machine shop to have it checked ..

Like I said we've sold quite a few with the same noise but the boss wanted to know what the noise is and where it's coming from before someone returns a 500 wanting the noise fixed ..I don't believe it's a serious thing just a slight noise ...
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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