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foreman 500 suspension

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does anybody know where i could get a set of softer springs for a foreman 500 the ride is just to dam stiff.
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You need to get the perfex long travel suspension.
500 suspension

be careful with a long travel suspension.the more the rear suspension travels the more work you put on the rear u-joint.
won't the long travel suspension make the ride stiffer?
it actually makes it soft because it moves the shocks to a more up right postion giveing it about 1.5 more inches of travel and about 3/4 inch of lift
basically what the perfex kit does is move the shock mounts making the shocks more straight up rather than at an angle thus making it easier to compress the shock and spring. I don't have one yet but from what I understand it raises the bike maybe 3/4". It shouldn't have much effect on the u-joint. I know of several poeple thats run them for a while.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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