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Foreman 500 Snorkel

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Ok, guys who have done there own, post it up. I know we got one in the How To section, but any ideas you guys have. Ive been looking at mine and playing around a little. And im kinda stumped unless I start cuttin, and I really dont want to go there yet.
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What about mine?
I cant figure out how you routed the hose the way you did. I got some shop vac hose today, and I stick it in the box and it points straight up. Also how did you fit it in between the plastics on the side like that??
(reference this thread for anyone that missed it <a href="" target="_blank"></a> )
Mine did not go straight up, more of an angle. I'll go get some pics real quick hold on.
Here you are Robb.
Interesting, nice and simple, they just want a tad bit to much for that. But it looks very little cutting involved. You know the size of the pipingby chance?
I am not sure but its probably 2" OD and 1.75 ID" Something along those lines. It will flow more air than a similar sized Pool/Spa hose, because it is inside is smooth. And the 500s need a lot of air with a stock jet of 162.5.
Okay These pics aren't the best but here you go.

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Well I just went out and took some pictures of mine but I can't find the cable for the comp. I will get my buddies when he comes home.
OH man those pics are bad. Sorry. My shop vac hose had a plastic end that was about 4 inches long. That is what I put in to the airbox. As you can see it is at an angle not straight up. Didn't mean to make them so big. Try resizeing them. Keep it at least 2" all the way. I am going to redo mine in 2 1/2 inch all the way soon.
A couple resized

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Raveer, You literaly put the Shop vac hose end into the airbox where the stock snorkle was?? I have one of thos ebulk pickup Shop hoses sitting in my garage in the box.
YES. I did put a little RTV around all connections just to be sure. but yes right into the airbox. Did have to replace the small factory clamp with a larger one, at the box.
The only problem I see with the whole setup is it's not smooth bore hose.

I'm going to solve that prob soon. I'm going to use Food service hose. Extemly flexable but still smoothbore. the kind that caffeterias use to suck up all the old food in the dishwashers. Can get it in almost any size. Around $14 for 8 feet of 2"

I'm going to go all 2 1/2 inch on the new one.
QUOTE ("truegrit":1dena2eo)
Raveer, You literaly put the Shop vac hose end into the airbox where the stock snorkle was?? I have one of thos ebulk pickup Shop hoses sitting in my garage in the box.
See you already have the main part.
OUCH! Sorry I have to smack myself on the wrist every time I think about puttin a snorkle on. As soon as I do I am going to tear it up.
I look at it this way. I think it is safer to have a snorkle than not to. You guys ride in the same stuff that I do. You ride in the same places that trucks with 44's and I've seen outragous stuff down in your area. imagine if you are just riding along and fall in to one of those 44 ruts. Bikes sunk. My snorkle stands 56" from the ground to the opening of of my snorkle. If water touches that it will kill the motor immediatly. no chance of it sucking water in that way. A little drainage of the air box and its good to go. I also have the exhaust snorkle. I could actually park it in the water and nothing should get in it. Not that I would do that.
But it will also make you a little braver than you should be.
OK, here is where I am running into problems - How are you fitting the tubing through the plastics with out this horrible gap in between the upper and lower plastics in my picture
I squished my tube a little. Made it kind of oval right there, Sits flush now.
I was also going to take a small piece of velcro and put it right there at the seam so it wouldn't show. But the hose is a little oval now and it's fine.
I guess I will keep fighting it, it looked way to big to ever fit there, but I will keep trying. Thanks.
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