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foreman 500 rebuild

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Brought my 06 foreman 500 to the shop for knocking noise in the bottom of the motor,they rebuilt it started it up,still making the same noise,they told me that they changed every part of the motor,and they could not understand what was wrong,I told them it made that same nosie since I had bought it,it has already had the crank,rod and piston changed back in may of 06,at another Honda place,they said it was a normal nosie for that motor,this dealership said that is not right,they were going to call there Honda rep to see what to do,maybe I will get a new motor,I don't know.Has anybody else had this problem with there foreman's?
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IDK but keep us posted

p.s. push for the new motor imo
Hopefully with all the documentation of all the work done on it with no solution to the problem will prompt Honda to just replace whole motor.
I am going there tomorrow to find something out,will keep ya'll informed.
Let me guess the first place you took it was honda of Lake Charles? I had the same problem with mine about a week after i got it. When i brought it in I told them that it was the connecting rod that was making the noise and they said it was the pistons slapping. So they rebuilt everything in the engine except the rod and it was still doing it. After they relized it was the rod they changed it and everything has been fine. Oh and they didn't cover it under warranty and it cost me $1300 and a month without my bike. So good luck but my advise to you stay away from honda of Lake Charles unless you like taking it up the tail pipe if you know what i mean
They would have kept the bike, there's no way I would have given them $1300. for something that was a problem from purchase.
I would have to agree with Eric on that one
re-foreman 500 rebuild(2)

Yea the first place I brought it was Honda of Lake Charles,learned a good lesson there.I brought it to Triple L Powersports in Orange Tx,this time.
Went there this morning they had the motor back down this time they looked at the tranny 1st and 2nd gear were bad,so I started thinking they rebuilt the motor for nothing?,cost me $2670.00,Now they say it will cost me another $1500 to $2000 to fix the tranny.I don't know for sure because I am not a Mechanic but it sures seems like I am getting srewed out of more money.
Maybe they should have checked the tranny along with the motor the 1st time they had it down.
Getting my bike back

We'll I'm getting my bike back wed. 2-14-07,motor totaly re-built,tranny totaly re-built at a cost of 4200.00.all they could say was that water had been in the motor,I sank it one time,got it out really fast,didn't find any water in the oil then,or when I got it home,changed the oil anyway,didn,t find water,but they said that was the cause for the motor,the tranny they said due to what the gear forks looked like I had been slamming gears,we'll thats probably true,I think everyone does that when trying to get un-stuck.but will try to take of it alittle better this time around.
When I'm stuck I use my winch
for the $10,000 foreman did you get parts that were broke/bad back. i believe that id ask for them and how they can tell that it was done by water, sounds like a bunch of B.S. to me if the noise was happening the day you drove it off the lot.
Yes I will be getting all the parts back,and will be bringing them to a repected mechanic(no longer working as a mechanic $$$)and see what he says,he's already told me he thinks they srewed me out of a bunch of money.I have learned a few valuable lesson through all of this and will not make the same mistake again.
yep, i usually learn the hard way too. definately challenge it and take it to a honda rep.

for that kind of money you could have bought a can-am or alot of refreshments for riding. good luck and let us know what happens.
**** dude, $4200? You are a better man than me. I would have had to taken a loan out to get it out the shop.

Are motor problems like this common on honda atv's? My buddy has a 450 formeman in the shop right now being rebuilt due to some knock. From what I am reading here and from people I know, I am worried about my purchase.
I would have told them they will be hearing from my lawyer, but that's me. Wdhigh anything you abuse will break down.
was there no warranty coverage on anything
stealers , im mean dealers suck. lesson learned . thats why i fix it myself cheaper to mess it up yourself then pay to have some jerk mess it up twice and pay him for both times.
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