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Foreman 500 question

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Hi there. Just joined. Anyway- I just sold my H1 and am looking hard at going with a new 500S. Question is, will it fit in a short-box (6.5') pickup bed with the endgate closed. Had to put my H1 up on ramps to get the endgate up. Would love to get something that will drive on and I can just close the endgate behind it like my 350. I have seen them on backwards with the endgate closed, but forwards would be better. Thanks.
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with stock tires it will fit but if you put bigger tires on it you will have to leave the gate down
It wont fit in my chevy short bed, it might if you put it in backwards. The front bumper of the foreman hits the back window.
Mine won't fit forward in my Dodge 6 and 1/2 foot bed.I never thought of trying it backwards.
I have a full size chev, with 8ft box but I have a 2ft wide tool box in the back. In order to fit my foreman in I had to make a set of ramps about 6inches high to put under the front tires to allow the bumper to rise above the toolbox. The only other way I could fit it in was to put it in backwards and even then my muffler was tight against the tool box.

Have a look at the pic. (Sorry it's a little rough cause I took it with my cell phone)

PS I have ITP mud lites on her.
My 97 GMC has the short bed and I have to back it onto the truck because the front bumper DOES hit the back window. I have 26'' Mudlights and the tailgate still shuts, but it is close.
at least that tool box will stop it from accidently coming throught the back window, i was in a hurry once and apparently never put the brakes on the bike and itwas in neutral, luckely it was summer and the sliding window was open, i got a close up of the fairlead
my 05 500 will not fit in my 03 f150 extended cab. I have no tool box and can not put the tailgate up.
my brother had that same thought when he bought his he put it in forwards and almost smashed his window so he had to put it in backwards and just barely fit
My cousin could put his stock 500 in the back of his short wheel-base Chevrolet step-side with the tailgate closed. The bumper rode on the window. Worked great until he hit a pothole and his rear glass practically exploded.
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