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Foreman 500 or Rubicon 500?

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Which one of these is better for what i want? I really dont like auto, i like to choose my gears but i hate the ES so i'll go standard shift if i get a foreman, but I'm gonna use it for Hunting, trail rides ( river crossing and mud ) and use it on the farm doing minor work, and probly get stuck planting food plots, pulling equipment. I Don't really like the air cooled but i havn't heard of any problems with the foremans overheating......

So what do you guys think? We had a 450 foreman ES before and got rid of it for a mule 3010 but i wanna buy myself another 4 wheeler........
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I would get the S model of the forman. Not the rubicon because you still have the ESP and auto on that bike. So i suggest you to get the S model of the forman
yeah sounds to me like you would be happier with the Foreman S, and you save a chunk of change
Especially since you don't like the auto I would get the foreman s, these things are work horses.
Like they said above, the Foreman S. It is tried & true.
You can shift the Rubi in ESP, but there is realpower difference between the two. But I would get the Foreman over the Rubi due to its simplicity.
ESP rules...
QUOTE ("Rubicon3303":3hw18ca5)
Take a good look at his sig before you decide
QUOTE ("bnjeep":1xo4acez)
Take a good look at his sig before you decide
Ha Ha!! Poor ol' Travis.
how much more power does the rubi have over the foreman500???????? I don't think theres that much power difference considering you going throu an auto tranny compared to a normal manual tranny, Electronic shift sucks ours never shifted when you hit the button sometimes it took a couple times to get it to shift, same with other peoples that i've talked to that have the 450.....
Never had a prob w/ my ESP.
You would be happier with the Foreman S
Okay im pretty sure i'm going to go with the foreman 500 S ........... now my question is, is there anything different from year to year to make one year better than the others?????

Thanks guys...
new body style along with the 500cc motor started in 05. Before that was the trusty 450.
rubi has way more power, my friends have foreman 500 and they have to stop all the time, bikes are to hot! (foreman 500 has new motor?????? )
My fan barely comes on. I think your freinds should have their's looked at. None of us around here have such issues.
we are always in 4' of water also.
QUOTE ("bnjeep":3pyxykc1)
we are always in 4' of water also.
Oh yeah, forgot about that!

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