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Hey Gang,

I am new to the group and utility quads. I have an 08 foreman 500 I love it. I also have a street Banshee and a heavily modded Raptor 700. Both fun bikes but Love my Foreman it goes places the other 2 can't. Soon as I bought it I broke it down,replaced the knuckles cv boots, did a valve adjustment, and added a loaded spring to the sticking back brakes (no longer sticking) then I thru some 14s with 27 inch mayhem, and have 27 big horses for it, and lastly I sand blasted all the panels and fenders then shot the main fenders flat gun metal black, the grill guard and gas tank center plastic honda red, and the gas tank side panels opal black and shot those pieces with 4 coats of clear coat, wetsanded and buffed it, thru some ebay special vinyl decals on it, then added the radio. Total build took 2 weeks, mainly because I waited on parts. But the end result was good. All this work Ive done and I can't figure out how to get the low beam light bulbs out lol. Anyways that's me and my quad I bought 3 weeks ago.
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