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Foreman 500 HMF Questions

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I just installed my HMF Utility yesterday that i had bought from Leesons. I have put a 165 jet and turned the A/F screw 2.5 turns. I ride at 1700ft. My foreman seems to have a noticeable increase in power the topend seems a little flat though. Should i move up to a 170 jet? i really dont know much about jetting so im clueless. Sounds great but i think it will getting a little annoying after a little while. Would putting the spark arrester as well as the quiet core make a difference?
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yeah I would say a 170 is what you need to try.
hey eric thanks ill stop by the honda dealer and pick up a 170. Do you think im running lean? would it hurt to run the 165 for another day?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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