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Foreman 500 HMF Eco or Supertrapp

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I am fairly new to Honda ATV's, but I have had several other quads and many other Honda products so after I sold my 03 Grizz 660, I decided (after finding this site) to buy an 06 Foreman 500.

I have done the waterproofing mods (carb vent lines, recoil), changed to 26" Mudlite XTR's and now I am looking for a bit more power. We ride mostly from 2500 to 6500ft up here in Alberta.

Although the HMF Utility might be a great pipe, it is way too loud (even with the quiet core). I was wondering what if any power might be gained using either the HMF Eco Series or the IDSX Supertrapp. Up here we can easily get Supertrapp products (Parts Canada), but HMF is a different story. Shipping and "other" fees will add $100 to the cost of a pipe bought from a dealer in the USA.

I installed the dynojet kit with a K&N filter and had no luck, way too rich even with a 160 jet using the stock pipe. Instead of continually jetting this quad, I put the stock jetting back in until I decide on a pipe (why can't they design these quads to be simplier to jet - like all my sleds).

Any help would be appreciated and great site.
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First of all, good choice on the bike. The wife has that Foreman and she loves it. Second...Did you run the differential lines and fan line up...This will help with the waterproofing...And third...The wifes bike has the HMF QS1 Eco pipe and it is not nearly as loud as mine and she did get a gain in power. I believe that when you jet the bike, the pipe is the other part...kinda like a 2 part application to work the best..That and it is " woods " friendly. If you ride in an area that is strict on the type of pipe, this will be 100% acceptable.. Good luck.. Here are some pics..
I did not run the diff and fan lines up. I will do that. Did you need to rejet with the ECO pipe?

So far I really like the bike. I was concened about the ride going from an independent to solid rear end. The ride is not really all that bad. I think the radial tires helped the ride a lot.

Highlifter does not seem to carry the Eco series pipe. Anyone buy directly from HMF?
Polaris 500 stuck. I was stuck shortly after, but the Foreman 500 floats (once I got off it). 4ft of water and probably a gallon of water in the exhaust. I thought it would be a good idea to waterproof the quad. Once I took off the recoil there was already mud in there after only 100miles.

We have all kinds of riding from mud pits to alpine. This forestry fire lookout was manned in 1929. We can even find the odd stream to cross.
I got my pipes from Leesons Motors. Good prices. My HMF utility was $129.00 delivered to the door... I ended up putting the HMF QS1 Eco pipe on as well as the custom snorkle and the Dyno Jet Kit before she ever even rode it. The jet kit came with the spring, main jet, and needle. All of this AND the pipe ran great... I have heard off people just doing the jet on the bottom and have had enclude a friend. Once he got the hole kit and pipe...all was fine....Hmmmmmm

The number to Leesons is......... 304-842-5469.... Great guy..Also came with an aftermarket air filter all for the same price... CALL HIM...
Thank you Rincon for the help. I will call Leesons in the morning.
No problem..thats why the forum is here. Good luck..
Ordered my QS1 and filter this morning. $295 shipped to Canada. Usually takes a couple week to get across the border.
Sweet....cire ... you will enjoy the combination of the 2. The pipe and the jet kit will give you better throttle response as well as snappy throttle to spin the tires alot better. Good luck and keep us posted on the difference you feel and send pics... Have fun...
I received my pipe and filter today in the mail from Leesons. $295 USD shipped to my door with no other fees (wow).

I ride mostly from 3000 to 6000.' Jet kit says to use a DJ 165 with the clip in the third position. I think I read somewhere that at sea level people were using a 170 jet with a snorkel and a 165 without. If this is the case, then the 165 is probably too rich unless I am riding in real cold temps.

Any Jetting or pipe installation tips would be appreciated.

Also take a look at the clutch on my buddies Grizz. This is why I like the Foreman. My winch also seems to work ok pulling out the Outlander.

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