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Foreman 500 Gear Display Indicator Problem

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I have a 2007 Honda Foreman 500 4x4 w/ manual shift transmision and noticed that the gear position would flash in R,N,1,2,3,4,5 with the icon - -, what does this mean? It will still move in R, 1,2,3,4,5 with no problem but flashes with - -. I looked this symbol in the manual to see what it was. - - indicated the atv wasn't in gear, it didn't have anything about the flashing numbers and - -. Anyone have any idea what's going on?
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Are you sure it's the gearshift indicator that's flashing and not the selectable 4wd indicator ...?
It's the gear position that flashes reverse, neutral, first through fifth and the symbol - -. The letter R,N,1,2,3,4,5 will flash in between the - -. Any ideas, I called the Honda dealer and they don't have a clue?

Well I'd first check the gear position switch for moisture in the coupler then test the switch ... There is a test for it for each gear .. Do you have a shop manual ..?..If not post or PM your email address and I will email you the section for this test ...
I don't have a manual. I think it's electrical because my tail light is one very dimly when the lights are off and the brakes are not on. I'm going to carry it by the honda dealer and see if they can fix it, if not there's a "07 Foreman 500 Camo for sale with a RT 30 winch, Mudlite tires, hand guards, Mad
Dog Bag, Kempix back bar.

[email protected]
I sent 2 sections ... The 1st is section #1 in this section it shows all the couplers on the bike .. The second section is #21 which covers the switches ...

Your problem sounds like water in a coupler or coupler not plugged tight .. I've also seen a bad/burnt fuse act very similar to your problem when the 2 burnt/broken tips of the fuse let a little power thru as it connects & disconnects ...
But I'd start with checking fuses then cleaning the couplers with contact cleaner & applying a little dielectric grease and re-connecting ..
If your tail lights dim, and your indicator is flashing, the battery could be low. I have had that happen to me on my 06. I charged the battery and it was fine.
I think when the gear indicator flashes, it's sort of like a trouble code, right?

Usually at the shop when one comes in like that, we replace the angle sensor or the whole shift-button switch on the bars, and that fixes it. I may be misunderstanding the problem here though...
Good luck with that keep us updated!
charger ur batt. and see if it helps.
mine does that every now and then shifts fine and all just sometimes its a blank when it should say you 2,3,4, whatever i just ignore it I dont fix it if it aint broke lol
You don't happen to have one of the aftermarket "start in gear" switches being sold on Ebay do you? I put one on my 500 (before I realized I didn't even need it) and began experiencing the same probblem you are describing until I disconnected it. Just a thought.
start om gear switc!!!! man you wasted yomoney all foreman will start in gear if you hold the right brake handle in!!!!! you got RIPPPPPEEDDDDD an new one
QUOTE ("shubin":221vazxi)
start om gear switc!!!! man you wasted yomoney all foreman will start in gear if you hold the right brake handle in!!!!! you got RIPPPPPEEDDDDD an new one
Why would you want to start the atv in gear?
DUH say the bike cuts off in 3rd gear now you gonna go all the back to neutral or just pull the handle and crank it back?????? SELF EXPLANATORY
my 2006 500 did the same thing.the first time it did that the ground on the battery was loose.i tightened it up and it was fine.then it done it 2 more times when i would hit the rev limiter in 4th gear and shirt into 5th it would flash.but then all i did was turn the key off then back on and it was fine.but when it did it with my battery,if i had the lights on,it would not let me shift till i was runnin around 30mph.whatever gear i was in when i went under 30 mph it stayed in till i got above 30 mph again
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