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Foreman 500 exhaust?

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Say i am lookin for a pipe for my foreman 500. Want it to be as quiet as possible but most power as possible(of course). I will be hunting, trail riding, and what ever else you do with a four wheeler. What advice can you guys give me?? Price doesnt really matter right now, just checkin out the options.
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HMF QS1 Ecosystem
What is it comparable to, Noise wise? Is it about as loud as the stock with the sparkarrestor removed?? Doesnt it have a Quietcore built in? Just wondering before i buy.. Thanks!
I would say on a scale of 1-10 (10 being HMF) (1 being stock) it would be a 4-5.
A bit louder than stock, but it has a lower rumble.
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