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Foreman 500 ES 4x5 vs. Rubicon

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i was wondering what yall would advise Foreman or Foreman Rubicon
i like that the rubi is 499 insteed of 475 and the aftermarket is better for the Rubis it seems like. the only thing i dont like about the rubi is it is auto but i could get over that. i will be trail rideing and mudding. so what do yall think.
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Had/have them both. Foreman feels sportier to me and seems to put low end power to the ground better. Ruby has an awesome tranny, very seamless. Foreman seems like a better worker and Ruby seems to be more friendly on the trails. Both good machines.
my father owns a 05 Foreman 500 ES 4x4 and i like its power and i like the ES mainly because where we hunt is really hilly and rocky so we like standard shift but the aftermarket dont seem to be as good for them as the rubi
the rubi doesnt have the same bottom end torque as the foreman the foreman even though it has less power still is geared lower for your mud adventures........also they will be comeing out with a big bore kit i hope shortly for the foreman
that would be nise if a big more would come out cuz i know HL sells a 550 kit
A lot of the Aftermarket goodies will fit the 500 too. Jet kits are not the same but exhaust, rims/tires, skid plates, and a lot more are interchangeable. I like the Foreman 500 winch set up a lot better to, no radiator so winch can sit way back. I don't know what you have in mind for aftermarket gadgets but there are plenty available for Foreman 500.
Once youve driven the "Honda-matic"(Rubicon) you will never want to thumb shift again .
Hills or not, the engine-braking is the best in the industry " title="Applause" /> .
Ive got 5000 miles on my 03 and still have the original brakes.
If LOW range wont pull it, go get a tractor .
Even though they are based in principle on the same machine they are different and meant to be. Really need to decide what you're looking for, The Rubi is auto, water cooled and very friendly on hills, up and down. The Foreman is lighter and with the std tranny can mud with the best of them, its lighter without the auto trans and water cooled engine. Dont go crazy over 475 - 499, Its all in the gearing. I found that out when I was told that my 04' 500 Rubicon has more stock HP than my 03' 650 Rincon. And thats a fact, But the trans on the 650 is much different and will outrun the Rubi, wont come close to pulling though. Anyway, heres my 2 cents. If you're into more sport and speed (All ranges) then Id lean towards the Foreman, If its hills and trails, lean to the Rubi. Fact is either way you win. And there are so many Aftermarket items available for both, more everyday. Hope this helps some.


BTW - I never use the ESP anymore, one less thing I have to do when riding. I Luv the Automatics, and won't buy anything else again. B4 I got the 1st one I was not thrilled about it.
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I dont know about the auto on the honda but I know that the auto on the bombardier 650 tackster is junk. Me and a buddy hooked a chain to the rear of both our machines and all he did was smoke his belt till it broke and I just pulled him around the field. Go with 500 standard shift.
is the rubi belt drivin because if it is i dont think i would like it and i do like my dads 500 ES alot
I can honestly say two things. One - A standard will always win that match, its direct gearing and that will always win, thats true on cars, trucks, tractors. Two - The Honda Auto is nothing like that Belt driven POS you are talking about. My Honda will pull that all over the place and can almost hear it laughing. With that said How many people buy Standard trans in there cars and trucks? As auto trannys improve by the other manufacturers you will see more and more of them on the trails. Its all a matter of how you ride. But do not be afraid of a Honda-Matic, If you get the chance to ride the Rubi that will be best because you already know the Foreman. Then you can decide what you like best.
i rode a friends 03 rubi 2 years ago hunting but i didnt ride it enough to get used to it wonder if i can do a test drive on the rubi somewere
Not sure how the dealers out there are, around here they really dont let you test ride new ones. But if they are selling a used one they will, but if you can find a friend that woudl be best because then you can get out on a trail with it. If you dont get to test ride then its going to be hard for you to make that decision. What I would say is if you're completely satisfied with the Foreman than stick with it, you may not like the Rubi. Its all very personal. Good Luck.

IF you come to CT I'll gladly let you ride Mine.
i will look in at the dealers
definetly the foreman 500 S none quite like it
i think there is one that is close to me that would let me test new ones
if there are plenty of aftermarket parts someone tell me where i can get a cam for my 06.

highlifter doesnt have them

after extremely looking i found them here is the link
<a href="" target="_blank"> ... ductid=474</a>
........."If LOW range wont pull it, go get a tractor ."

or the Foreman 500
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