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Foreman 500 Detroit Gearless Locker Install

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Just installed my Detroit gearless locker tonight and thought I would share the process with some pictures to compliment the provided instructions if anyone has been thinking of getting one and decides to tackle this themselves. Fairly simple over all, about 4 hours plus the machining. The pictures are self explanatory, the rest is simply a reversal of the steps, don't forget to fill the diff and put the additive in the oil. Can't wait to try mine out!!! (tried to post in the how to but only mods can do that, can be moved to there if they like)
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Continuation of pictures
More pics
WOW! Thanks for all the pictures.I've been thinking about doing this mod.Did you have a shop do the machining or did you do it yourself?Do you think it is something that could be done with a grinder or does it require more precision?
The machining has to be precise and can't be done with a grinder, have a machine shop do it, likely run you about $40.
nice job with the pics.... that does not look fun AT ALL!! LOL I hope it works out good for u
very nice write up. needs to be put in the how-to section.
i am new to this site so please forgive me for this but i am curious to know where i can find a locker as you have installed above.
if you ever have questions about the site, aftermarket parts, or what might be wrong with your bike. don't hesitate to ask people here a very help full and will help in anyway they can. but here is a link to the DGL
that was awesome, i was so nervous about trying to do that myself but since you have done such a good job with pictures and stuff. i think i may be able to handle it...

so how does it work? big improvement?
Just tried it out at a derby today and it is awesome. Bikes steers as easy in 2wd as it ever did but flip the 4wd switch and you can definitely tell its working. Now when I'm in deep ruts I can just lean the bike to one side and both the low side wheels will keep turning. Just keeps chewing in the swamps now too. Worth every penny, should have done it long ago.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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