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I installed my pipe and jet kit.

I removed the head pipe to make things a little easier. I used the DJ 165 on the third notch with the Uni Filter.

Seem to have way more bottom end. Nice sound...not too loud but throaty.
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looks good. did you do a filter on it too?

The pipe came with a Uni Filter from Leesons. Just added oil to the filter and was good to go.
just put this pipe on my ride and love it!

What are you running for jetting?
Cire... what all came with your order from Leasson's? Was it the pipe, filter, and jet kit. Or did you have to get the jet kit seperate?
Nice pipe...I have the HMF Utility ana mama has the MMF QS1. Same pipe and she loves it.. Congratz on the new addition..
Pipe and Uni Filter came from Leesons (Thanks for the lead Rincon - great dealership and best price shipped up to Canada by far). I previously bought the Jet Kit from Dynojet at a local dealership for about $50 USD.
I have a qs 1 pipe and run the 170 jet does good here in north carolina
No prob.. Leesons seems to have the best prices. A friend is ordering HMF pipes from a local dealer and they said the back order is almost 3 weeks. Dunno why he ain't ordering them from Leesons. They get them right to ya...
Looks good i know you will be pleased with it
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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