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Foreman 500 Accessary Light Switch SAGA

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Well this is the begining of the Light Switch saga and instalation.

I ordered the switch online. $42.95

Nice place, had a box to enter your ATV information and to tell them what you wanted in addition to the part number. <a href="" target="_blank"></a>

Got a call today from the place asking why I wanted a accessary light for a Honda Gold Wing when I told them I had a Foreman 500. (Now I am not feeling to good about this).

The man (Pete) asked where I got the part number. I told him I got the part number from clicking on the switch to add to my basket for order off their web site which explaned what the kit was for and what it did.

<a href="" target="_blank"> ... r_Head.htm</a>

He then told me there was no such kit and that what I was looking at would only turn all 3 lights on or off. ( he said it was the stock wiring)

I told him if i entered the part number in a search engine online their were 4 or 5 places that had this part. (with a description saying it was for the handlebar mounted light)

He called me back later and said he found what I needed...same price...same part number. I have an uneasy feeling but I guess we will see when I get the part. I am into this for $50.92 with shipping

If the part is correct I will post pics of the instalation and any directions I get with it.

Wish me luck !
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good luck and take pictures because i want to put one but have no idea how to install it.
Why spend 50 bucks when you can wire a switch inline for about 5
because not alot of people know how to do that. i know i dont and if someone wants to take pictures to show how its done it would be great
Because some of us enjoy a nice factory look and are willing to pay to keep it that way. I know it is very simplistic to add a switch inline , but I wanted the factory stuff. "To each is own"
factory is always best in my opinion. I will always pay for a factory look.
Does anyone know if that switch will work for an 04 Foreman?
You can put a switch on the pod and make it look factory. There was a thread about it not too long ago.
AkATVHunter wanted to know if the switch would work on his '04? the honda accessory book says it fits '05-'06. the only reason it wouldn't work on an '04 is if they changed the headlight connector which i'm not sure if they did or not.
(Heres my first post.) I have a 05 rubicon and I installed a water proof marine switch in the dash to turn off and on the top light. I also included a picture so I hope it works.

<a href="" target="_blank"> ... switch.jpg</a>
Just an update to let all know I still have not received the kit from the Florida Honda Dealer. I am not real happy. I will continue this if it ever comes.
QUOTE ("Hondude":1a0invku)
Just an update to let all know I still have not received the kit from the Florida Honda Dealer. I am not real happy. I will continue this if it ever comes.
That dealership is about 10 minutes from my house. I hate to go in there and deal w/ them as well. I never walk ou tof the w/ exaclty what I want.

Two days a go I go in the to get a Gallon jug of GN4 10W-40. They have every other oil for Suzuki, Yamaha, etc... But no 10W-40 in gallons. I asked if they could look for some in back and he rounded up some 20W-50. Once again not what I wanted. So I ended up getting 4 quarts of the 10W-40. Its not a big deal, but its always some thing there. And its EVERYTIME!
Well I can see they have charged my credit card so if I do not see it monday they will be upset with a canceled card...there are 4 others online that have it
Found this nice add on. If your not going to buy a factory kit this looks very nice.

<a href="" target="_blank"> ... =0631-0007</a>
Still have not received the part. They must have sent it with the guy on the Polaris in the snow......More to come...I hope!
Finally got the part today. Below is the instructions that came with it. I left out how to operate the switch and the template for cutting the switch hole to save space on forum. Plus if you need instructions on how to push the button I really feel for you

Ill take pictures as I install it. Hope to do it tonight.
Well the light switch is installed. The directions need a little help but if your fairly mechanically inclined you should have no trouble. With each of the folling pictures I will add what you need to know ahead of time so your install will go a little smoother. Took me about 2 1/2 hour cause I went slow so I would not rip out any wires or cause myself more problems. If I were to do another I think 45 min to an hour at most. The majoriety of the time was spent threading the new wires the way Honda described. There was very little room left. Anyway on to the pictures.

PS I suck at getting these pictures on here in order. If I ate up to much websight let me know how to do this right and Ill fix it.
Here is more
Last 2
Hey Hondude, Great info on the assist light and Great pics. What would you say took the longest to do, take the front end apart to get to everything? I plan on doing the assist light switch in the near future, If I have any questions I know who to ask. lol Great job.
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