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Foreman 500 4x4 question

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This past week-end I failed to climb a river bank approximately 5 feet high with a sharp incline. Here in SC we have some nasty clay. I still felt I should have taken the hill.

The front wheels would stop when you would think they should be turning. Can someone explain :
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Were the backs tires turning and the fronts not? Was the motor bogging?

We don't have too many hills down here, so I have not experienced this.
were both wheels not turning or just one
What part of SC? I live in Gray Court.


The front wheels stopped and the rear wheels would spin. The motor bogged a little. My friend's four wheeler did the exact same thing.

PS. I live in LAURENS.
Is it possible they were locked yet unable to turn due high traction and bogging. Hmm I even doubt that. It sounds like some how it came out of 4wd or it was never in. Did you try to shift it in to 4wd while the rear wheels were turning? Maybe that is the problem.
All checked out. The 4x4 is working just fine. Must have been the operator. Thanks for the feedback.
Are you finding many places to ride in Laurens?

Not really, the last place was on the hunting lease scouting around. I here the trails off exit 60 route 66, and hwy 26 are reopening this month. 13 miles of riding? I will try the trails after turkey season.
Corsair and ForemanDan,
You guys should give me a call, i know a few local places to ride that are pretty fun!
Maybe it was to much of a angle and the carb was starving for fuel due to the float bowl running low on fuel.Some one told me that Hondas need to be re-jetted and readjusted if riding above a certain sea level(mountains) DONT TRUST EFI ON ATV YET,THAT IS ONE ADVANTAGE THOUGH(NO JETTING,ADJUSTMENT FOR ALTITUDES,ETC.......)MY 2 CENTS...
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