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foreman 4x4 Traxlok ?

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I have an 03 4manS 4x4 that has spent more time as a submarine than an ATV. The 4x4 works fine as long as you stay below 12-13 mph. It won't kick out until you let off the gas. I know it's a sensor wet somewhere, but I know of 3 other 4mans with same problem. They paid to fix it and it worked for the 1st few rides, then started again. My question is: Does anyone know a way to bypass the switch and just have full time 4x4. I am very good with mechanics.
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I have an 04 es and the way Honda designed them is that... to engauge the rear tires CAN NOT be turning much FASTER than the front, and to DISengauge you must be UNDER 5mph or it will not come out of 4x4. Honda does things for a reason not just to *iss us off. If you want it full time 4x4 just flip the switch to 4x4 and DONT TOUCH IT. Or you can sell the 03 and get a 00 or older those are full time 4x4 or even an older Rubicon those are full time 4x4 up untill the 04s or 05s
I got a 99 Foreman 450ES and I put the Warn 424 Select on it. I'd say that is the best thing to have besides the traxloc.
Or if you really don't want anyone to ever take it out of 4x4 rewire the switch to stay engaged. But it make me wonder why you don't want it selectable? But hey your machine Good luck
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