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foreman 450s knocking in gear

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I have a 2004 foreman 450s and it is knocking when I put it in gear but in neutral or when it is hot it doesn,t knock at all. Do you know what is causing that.
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i have this exact same problem. doesnt seem like it could be the motor though really being it doesn't do it when it's in neutal only when its in gear. old post but does anybody have any answers?
ice in the rear? if it knocks till its warm then could be ice cause it would melt. just a guess
I have the exact same problem only knocks when it is cold and when I put it in gear. It's definitely in the bottom end toward the front and doesn't do it if the engine is warm or I'd it is in neutral and cold. Has anyone figured it out yet?
Welcome to the forum. Hope someone can chime in shortly.
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