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foreman 450 wheels on a 02 350 rancher

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is it ok to put stock 12" foreman 450 wheels+tires on a 02 350 rancher?
will it do any damage to the diff?
why are rancher rear wheels 11"
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Yes it is ok to run foreman 450 wheels and tires. It will not damage anything.
I dont know why they put the 11" rims on back. I guess they had there reasons for doing it.
I popped a set of Foreman wheels on the wifes 2005 Rancher. The only thing I noticed is that the offset must be different. It made it look about 2 inches narrower. Nothing a set of spacers wouldn't fix.
good point Dr. I forgot about the offset being alittle different. Running factory foreman rims and tires will not cause a problem, but if running bigger more aggressive tire, they will rub the exhaust. spacers will cure that problem as stated. But the money for a set of spacers is a good down payment on a set of aftermarket rims.
thanks very much for the info guys
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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