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A few weeks ago my Forman 450 es stalled, I restarted it and drove it maybe a quarter mile back to the house. The next day I took it out and it promptly stalled and has be inoperable since.
Initially it would start, idle, and rev in N no problem. But when I shifted into 1st it would sputter out. Not like a kill switch, more of a stall.
So… I did the following

checked for fuel coming out of the tank. Check
Checked for air in the line. Seemed fine.
Replaced the carb with an aftermarket one as I knew that if I took the old one a part it would never run again!
It ran no better…
The battery seemed weak, and didn’t hold a charge well, so I replaced it this evening.

it fired right up- it has been firing up well all along-
I backed out of the shed, and got up to 2nd gear and then it stalled out again.
Now it doesn’t start so well. Sometimes fires right up, other times just cranks. When it starts it dies soon after.
It seems like the longer it sits the better it runs (maybe- that’s inconclusive… just a theory)
Also I replaced the spark plug last winter, so that’s recent.
it uses oil too…and was low, maybe a safety switch?
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