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Foreman 450 durability

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I just bought a 1998 Honda Foreman 450 and was wondering are skid plates really needed.
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Welcome to the site Wilson.
It depends on what you are using the quad for. If it;s on the farm just to pull a little trailer or some other implement on flat ground, I wouldn't bother.
If you are going to a lot of trail riding,muddin' or rock crawling, then yes, skid plates are an asset. The stock front basher plate on the 98' Honda is rather wimpy and the skid plate underneath does not cover enough IMO.
There are different skid plates you can get, aluminum,puckboard.
Good choice in your purchase, Honda have a reputation for being bullet proof tanks.Sometimes a few mods are needed but will go everywhere.
Skid plates are NOT needed........Until you hit something..then they are a necessity.... Are you a gamblin' man ? Im not..I put the full belly pan on.. You never know
3676 miles on 450 been through u name it still stock skid
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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