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foreman 450 camshaft

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has anyone here used an aftermarket cam in there foreman 450? if so do you like it? does it help out on bottom end, top end, all around or what?
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I have ask a few people that is running the cam. Some say more low end grunt, the throttle is quicker and some say the cam is not worth the money unless it is put in with a BBK to get the full effect. I know I didn't answer your question but these's are the answers I got.
thanks dirty, i was just thinking about putting one in since i think i will be splitting my cases again i think the output shaft is bent again, my motor started moving around this weekend and i need to pull the boot back and check it.

if you dump to much gas it will wash out the inside of the cylinder wall and burn up your rings twice as fast
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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