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foreman 450 backfiring!

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my foreman 450 is backfiring-any ideas as to what could be causing this?
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Could it be that your running too rich.
i swapped carbs with my friends one+still the same
What where u doing when this problem started? How old is the bike, miles, mods etc? we need alittle more info.
I was riding on grass,04 model,18000 on clockmstandard machine,no hard use or deep water riding
is there really 18,000 miles on it or did you mean 1,800?
I dont think he has that many miles on an 04 model. But anything is possible. First thing I would do is check or change the spark plug and make sure the vent line of the fuel tank is not plugged. if the plug is weak it will act and run weird and if the vent on the fueltank is plugged it will cause a vacuum and starve the carb for fuel. We have a bad problem here with dirt dibbers
Problem now solved,the exhaust was loose!yes it is 18000 thats on the clock,x farm machine,sorry for delay in replying pc was u/s for a few days
thanks again guys
i thought mine had a lot a almost 9000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wow! 18,000 miles.That's amazing!! Any major problems?
18,000 miles on a 2 year old machine?? And they say Honda's aren't reliable anymore......pffffttt!!!!
wheel bearings +brakes shoes+tryes+recoverd seat+choke cable+plenty services
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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