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I get home from Florida today, and when i pull in my driveway i see my dad pulling his tractor out of a ditch with a comealong. I just had to go get my Foreman and check this out. Come to find out he has been cutting pine trees and making boards out of them for our shop we are building. Long story short, he was tryin to pull a 6"x8"x 12' peice of pine out of the woods. The peice of Pine got caught up in another tree and his tractor slid sideways into the ditch. So i had to see if my Foreman could pull this pine. Sure enough i hooked up a strap to it and put my bike in 4wd and 1st gear. She come up out of there spinning all 4. Ok i thought i was doin pretty good! My brother calls me and says he is stuck in the gravelpit where we ride. My sisters boyfriend couldnt pull him out with his Warn 2500 equipped Grizzly. So i had to pull out the snatchblock and straps. Hook up to my brothers Foreman, He has 27" vampires on it, sunk so deep all you can see is half the motor and the seat pretty much. I got my friend to burry his grizzly so i could have an anchor ( i could have burried mine and let him use his warn, but that wouldnt sound as good as the Milemarker working, haha). Got it all hooked up, and out comes my brothers bike, covered in mud, that nasty old gravel pit mud... it was fun, and i got to use my winch again. My brother had a time washing his Foreman, And i went home happy. Happy i didnt break anything. But i figured i would share a nice happy day after work with you guys, Yall have fun riding!!
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Way to go.
Sounds like a good time.
Its always good when the Honda comes out on top. HAHA Just wish i had the MST's and clutchkit installed. Could have been even better day..
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