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Foot shifter

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Any of you guys had a problem with your foot shifter? Mine has been loose for some time now. I took it off the other night and found the bolt was stripped, I got a tap and retapped the hole on the shifter and put a new bolt in it. Few days later it is stripped again, This is some cheap metal! the shifter is $36.20 and the bolt is $2.95!!! Holy crap!
I cant tap the hole for a bigger bolt because then i couldnt get the bolt past the "shifter shaft". What would yall do?
buy new shifter and bolt, i dont want to mess up the shaft. I know that would be expensive!
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Can you put a longer bolt in and put a nut on it ?
Yea thats what im goin to do.. i got a 1/4" bolt (i think) and put in there. and i cant go any bigger than that, so im just goin to get a smaller bolt. But the next problem is, on the bottom side of the shifter where the 2 parts are welded together. I got to grind down part of it.. its hard to explain, so ill get some pics when i get home...
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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