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foot pegs

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I can not find passenger foot pegs for my '06 500 ES. Do they sell them somewhere or are they a custom made item? And what the heck are the HL fender kits? Trying to deside on some mods.

Thanks guys!
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hl fender kits is a rich mans way of making room for bigger tires. it takes the stock fender mounts off and replaces it with longer ones that are closer to the fender. nuttin a hammer and 20 sec woudlnt fix, i've already cought mine on a tree stump and had to pound it back to factory spec. my opionon and lots of others on here i've seen it is a wase of money. as far as pasenger foot pegs, no idea sorry man

the passenger foot pegs are marketed as Fender Guards. Check out the honda by moose catalog next time ur at the dealer. I think they carry them. Or you could look on mooses website.
Here are the foot pegs (fender guards) you are looking for
Thanks guys.... you guys rock!!! Very helpful.
Here is a pic of mine. got them at my honda dealer. Easy to find here in nb, canada.
Those Laws look bada$$!! They must chew right through snow.

Look like Boss500 pegs are better because the mount is at top of the floorboard instead of bottom.

HL fender kit is a piece of flat stock bent into somewhat of a square and eliminates all rods under fender wells. The new fender kit is bolted to frame under floorboard.
If you see that old road behind me its about 2 feet deep. I crawled up it about 100 feet in 1st gear with ease. I bike with old suzuki jeeps and i'm the one breaking the trails. With my spacers i'm only about 3 inches shorter in width than the jeeps.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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