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I just spoke with a rep @ FMF. They don't offer a pipe in the powerline for the 05 foreman 500s.

I've heard the powerline offered a nice performance increase without the loudness. Oh well HMF here we come.
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on the HMF factory site they dont offter a pipe for Foreman 500 does the one for Rubicon 500 fit the foreman or what cuz every other site like atvoufitters sells them for foreman
they are the same pipe for rubi and foreman
HMF offers a pipe for the foreman. I called them directly. From trolling other forums, it appears that both pipes are great performance, FMF powerline is quieter. I want the performance, but I don't want a bunch of noise either. I posted a link to ebay for the foreman 500 hmf pipe. I was just hoping FMF would have one available. He said to call in a few weeks, but shucks the bike is now 2 years old in production, why would they have 1 in a couple of weeks?
I feel your pain. I have an 05 too, and everytime I look for a pipe I cannot believe there is like only once choice. I have heard the Rubi pipes work on the Foreman, but how do you know for sure? And did you have to modify it? Call me crazy but why should I pay $200-$300 and have to rig it? I have a cat-back on my truck that cost half that and I did nothing but drive it to the shop!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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