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FMF powerline mufflers?

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Has anyone purchased a FMF Powerline muffler for their 450 yet? I did!!! It didn't fit, and NOW I'm dealing with customer-no-service. The pipe that came attached to the muffler was made to slide INTO the header pipe. However, Honda's are designed to slide OVER the header pipe. Has anyone else run into this problem? Also, has anyone used FMF customer-no-service?
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that sucks, are they just given you the run around or what?
Is it the right pipe for the bike? Some of have been shipped a different style pipe for the correct bike. Are you dealing w/ FMF directly or a retailer?
I brought the muffler from an online ATV store. It was the right part number. The box said it was for a 98 to 04 Honda Foreman 450S/ES. The instructions also said for a Honda Foreman 450S/ES. The ATV online store said they would take it back and order me another one. They would pay the shipping too. However, it would cost them 10% to return it. I got a good price on it, and they are very friendly. Great service!! So to save them a little money, and me some time, I sent it to FMF. Customer service at FMF could not tell me why the muffler was made incorrectly. Today, I called customer service, and they said it was shipped to me this morning. They still didn't know what or how the muffler was fixed. And they didn't have a tracking number for the package. If they did ship the muffler today, I should get it Monday. We' ll see.
I will be curious to see how the new one fits. Keep us updated.
Hope it works out and you are happy w/ it.

What made you decide on the FMF anyway?
must of thought it was hmf
Well here's the update. I received the New muffler back from the factory, and it went right on (knock me out). It is a little louder than the stock Honda muffler. The K&N air filter and rejet kit, plus the FMF muffler increased the low end and mid-range power. I would say it brought the power back to the levels they were before I put on larger tires, maybe slightly better.
We mostly ride in the mountains, old logging roads, old skid trails, atv trails, three to eightyfive hundred feet. We ride sixty to ninety miles a trip.
It's good to have some POWER back!!!
Glad to hear you like the pipe. Guess the first was a total defect then huh?
Glad it all worked out for you///
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