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Flooding Carb

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SOMETIMES my carb will leak gas from the drain line when the bike is running and continue when I shut down the engine. After a while it stops and may not happen again for weeks or longer. Does this mean the float is sticking and would this cause the bike to run rich? Should I take apart the carb and try to fix this before attempting any carb adjustments such as pilot screw or jet needle? What should I look for if I take the carb apart?
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yes it is possible that the float is sticking or maybe some trash in the carb stopping the needle from shutting the fuel off. A good cleaning may do the trick.
Thanks Stay tuned for another post when I can't get it back together.
just take your time and use a good phillip screwdriver, the bowl screws strip out easy. If it looks like the screws are starting to strip out, try using a small pair of visegrips to break the screws loose first.
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Should I install all new parts from carb kit (about $40.00) or just clean ,inspect and replace parts as needed?
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inspect and replace parts as needed?
Cleaned carb today. Found some dirt in the bowl. Mud in the primer valve cause there's a tear in the rubber boot. Dealer wants $95.00 for a new Primer valve assembly...rubber boot not avail seperately. If I can't find a used one I might just seal up the primer with silicone as I never need to use it. Main thing.. no more leaking drain tube.
Thanks for the help.
Almost forgot. What do I do with all the parts I had leftover when I put the carb back together?
about the left over parts, just save them for later. yes the primer is very pricey. Just seal it up with a piece of alum plate or plastic sheeting. Might take alittle while to cut it to fit, but works well and cheaper than $100
Read every post I could find re extending vent lines. They all refer to the two carb vents and the drain. My drain has the check valve but I will still plug it in the water. Carb only has one vent which goes to the heat guard under the tank. Is there a vent missing or does this bike only have one carb vent? Also is there a vent on the swingarm?
Carb ID# VE92A-A
your 400 only has one carb vent. the rear diff, rear brake, fan, front brakes and front diff all have vents lines on them.
My pilot screw was set at 3 3/4 turns out which I believe is richer than the factory setting of 2 1/4. Should I also adjust the jet needle clip down a notch or two to see if it will run better? Right now it backfires like a gun shot when I let off on the throttle. Exhaust is stock but previous owner had it opened up to repair baffles. I have no idea what was done to it but it's louder than stock. Bike didn't backfire when I put on a new muffler from a 98 400 but baffles are loose in that one after only a year and the rattling was driving me nuts. I put the old one back on when I built the exhaust snorkle.
put it back to the stock settings and see what she does.
Tried that when I put the carb back together. Set screw at 2 1/4 turns. Had to adjust it to over 3 turns out to get the best idle. I'll play with it some more when I can get it out for a ride. Let you know how it works out.
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