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float a foreman 500

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is there any one who knows how to creat a foating foreman i live in the swampy area and sometmesthere just isnt anything but water no ground
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1) 29.5" Outlaws inflate to max.
2) small basketballs in front where you would mount a winch, and some right above rear axle held by a form that acts as a basket
3) motorcycle or small tire innertubes wrapped around frame, rear end, and
bottom of
front bumper, then inflate
These are just some ideas, I would NOT reccomend it considering even if you do float you're going to get cocky and go to deep then you run into problems with balance, and take the risk of losing air pressure, then you end up with a lost 4 wheeler! lol....It's a lot harder to successfully float a 4 wheeler than it sounds...(lots of trial and error) but possible.

look that this and di not need to do all that crap that you are talking about...
Basketballs in the front,and we have some foam stuff,I CANNOT SINK(in the pool).I don't float my bike cause all we have is ruts around my house
the bike has a natural Buoyancy even if you feel yourself about to flip hop off and the bikes center gravity keeps it strait up.
you can float but it isnt easy, it gets very tippy. just practice you will get it. Brian Latiolais, you had your 4wheeler in a swimming pool? i was just reading the comments on that vid cra5h posted and it said about the head cracking after he did that?
we were riding yesterday and came to a canal that was a little too deep for stock bikes...we just shut them off and walked them across...they float without any assistance...they will float away if you aren't careful!!
ya bike will float if noones on it. and crash is right.
ya bike will float if noones on it. and crash is right.
ziptie a bunch of wacky noodles to it

seriously, it works
you can ride it while it's floating, just have to not move around a lot and lean far back on the back racks
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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