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flipping foreman on back rack(how do yall do it)

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just wondering if yall know a better way to do this than the way im doing it...i get my tow strap and loop it around a tree limb in the backyard and then get a 3 ton come-along and put blocks behind the rear wheels and start cranking the front end up until it is up enough for me to push it over on the rack by myself
wondering an easier way to do this

also when my bike was on the rear rack last time i had oil start oozing out of drain hole in the bottom of the pull start...i know its not suppose to do that or im guessing its not suppose to...does that mean i have a seal that is busted in the back of the motor somewheres? also how would i go about changing that seal

thanks guys
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yep sounds like the seal on the back of the motor behind the pull starter is blown you will have to pull the pull starter off to change the seal..not that difficult though
easiest way i do it is. Set the parking brake, Take a big ol bite of wheaties and grab the front bumper and pick it up and sit it on the back rack. Never needed a come along or anything. ALso if ya need a lil extra try jacking it up first to get it started then pick it the rest of the way up. Other than that i dont' know what to tell ya

yes the oil leaking is a problem you need to get that fixed pronto. Its not hard just takes a little time to do it.
i am 5'11" and 180 lbs.; having the jacked up that 2"s and having 27" tires on her, my arms end up when extended end up reaching to the racks...thats a long ways to lift for my sissy a$$

think i will just keep doing what im doing, i also thought about driving it up onto ramps halfway into the back of my truck where rear wheels are near the ground and put something behidn them to hold it and that way its alrdy up in the air a good bit then i could probably fling it over backwards if it didnt wanna keep rolling over past the rack...ima figure out a new way until i get my winch then ill just start winching it up a tree...gotta get it on the back rack so i can try to get the 3 broke bolts out of the rear diff that hold the skid plate onto it...but when i get rdy to change that ill ask again what all yah gotta do maybe someone will know what o-ring or gasket to change so i dont go tearing apart an engine that just got rebuilt completely
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i just get a friend to help me push it back, beleave me its not worth messing up your back on. whenever you do put it on the back rack take your seat off, gas got on my seat from the breather and made the seat hard and cracked it.
I aplogize. I sometimes forget just how big i am when answering questions of this nature. May apologies. yeah the winch will be great when ya get it. The idea of the ramps and all prolly won't work out to great for ya. You take a chance of gettin the truck involved if something FREAK!!! wer to happen. I'd say keep going with what your doing or grab a friend close by that has five minutes to spare. Again i aplogize if i insulted ya......
nah im not at all insulted...i can barely lift up the bike to slide it around even when on concrete...that bike is heavier than anything ive ever tried to pick up on in my life cept for that girls voltswagon beetle when i was in college, but there were about 8 of us that lifted it and turned it in her parking spot so she couldnt get out,but that was back when i was cocky and thought i was invisible(3 years ago)
i just put it in reverse and lift sometimes im lucky and i have a friend around to give me a hadn one time i got real smart and pulled the tires off which made it like 80lbs lighter and i had no trouble pickin it up
I just put mine in reverse and man up on the front end....but Its not that hard when your 6,6 250! If I'm standing it up on grass I will just put it in first gear and hammer on it and let it stand up by its self !
i know what ya mean jgb_500_06..... 6' 6" and 420 here... LOL. Yeah i'm a big ol country Thats why i apologized for the answer i gave earlier of just pickin it
I agree, punch it in first and it will stand itself up!!
just keep ridein it ull build a bit of muscil and be able to move it around im only 5 6 if im lucky and about 170
I tried to flip it up to clean the bottom, and end up using a winch and tree limp. I need to learn yalls technic I know I'm big enough
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Here is another way to get to the underside for cleaning etc, an automotive engine hoist. Just raise the hoist all the way up, hook up your winch to it and winch it as high as you like.
i just pick it up myself kinda like doin a squat and pushin up on the front bumper
QUOTE ("fireman":37jd9662)
i just pick it up myself kinda like doin a squat and pushin up on the front bumper
When you get my age you may regret not letting the machinery do the work for you. I did things like that all thru my life and now I am paying for it.

Just a little advice from an old fart
Like 98GT said.
me and my buddy can lift my foreman and we are little were about 140 each
Just get a winch and a find a tree with a low branch. This will give you another excuse to run out and by that winch
I've used both the front winch and a cherry picker .. Work smarter not harder. Bust a nut trying to lift one up, you won't be riding or any other fun stuff anytime soon .
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