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Flipped The Quad

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Hey guys,

I flipped my quad this weekend, roads were so icy, so i slid into a very bumpy ditch. My windshield broke and i bent my bars.

Does anyone have any experience with bent bars, how can i bend them back to normal.?
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you may want to replace them.
i had a friend help me bend them back during the ride, its still a little bent, will it affect my riding in any way.?
And where can i get replacement bars.?
well you can get oem from somewhere like, or aftermarkets from the reason i suggest replaceing them is because they might have been weakened during the crash. you could try bending them back into place but you might/might not want to take the risk of having them break on you on the trail. if you get them strait and it is only the handle bars bent i dont see how it would effect anything else.

oem is around $40 i think.
Replace them, and while your at it check the steering stem to make sure any adjoining parts are not cracked, bent etc. Reason I say this is a friend of mine rolled his polaris, bent the bars a little so he bent them back. A couple years later we are heading down the trail when we hear him on the radio saying he had a problem. We went back and his handle bars literally came off in his hand coming down a hill. After taking it apart we saw that the top of them steering stem had been cracked for a long time.
ok, thanx guys. ill look into it.
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