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TireJect Sealant - ATV/UTV off road tubeless applications

You should give our TireJect Sealant a try, it's the best new proven superior sealant and perfect for most all ATV/UTV off road tubeless applications.

We have heard many times slime, fix-a-flat, and other similar types of sealants have ruined customers tires and rims. We set out to change the minds of sealant users on what they should expect from a tire sealant and revolutionize tire repair sealant. Will the others plug a small hole and get your home… sometimes, will it be easy to clean out… not usually, and will it be long lasting… not typically.

TireJect’s Tire Repair Sealant utilizes Kevlar® Technology to create the strongest longest lasting seal that will typically outlast the tire. Tread and sidewall punctures are no match for our viscous sealant that reaches every part of the tire including bead leaks, it will not plug up the valve stem, and is tested down to negative 15 degrees without freezing. Clean up is easy with water and a rag. Our repair kit comes with our patented Injector to easily inject the sealant through your schrader or presta valve stem. Our sealant can repair most ATV size tires with only 4 ounces and you can also run 8 ounces, or one full pouch to prevent flats from punctures for a year to 18 months depending on climate before reapplication is needed. Don’t hit the trail without it.

For more information visit and check out our demo videos on YouTube. Don’t forget to reply to the post and go to our site to write reviews about how our sealant worked for you.

Thanks & Happy Trails!

[email protected]
1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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