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Hey man I work at a tire shop and Im here to tell ya fix a flat sucks. I hate that stuff. It ruins a rim. Just run the air pressure up to about 20PSI and spray soapy water all around your tire. If its the valve stem...replace it. If its your bead...By some bead sealer at walmart. And If you have a hole in your tire....Patch it or plug it. I prefer to patch it. First start of with some type of sander or deburrer and get the inside of the tire smooth then take somthing and clean the debris. Then take some of that tire glue and put on then a patch. Make sure and take the roller and roll all the air spots out of the patch. When you get done with that take and put bead sealer over the patch. The patch will last the tires lifetime....GUARANTEED!!!
1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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