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First visit to the dealer?

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So I'm due for my first oil change (past due actually) and wondering if I should take 'er in for that first inspection or just change the oil myself and save the $$$.. What are the chances my valves need any adjustment? They sound alright. What else would they look at?
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I would say the chances are you might need a valve adjustment are 1 in 10, at least thats what my dealership told me. I paid $80 for my first service and oil change, which was kinda steep until i realized they actually do the valve inspection. I would take it for the 1st service and then for the one at 100 hrs to keep up with the warranty.
I've never returned to the dealer with any of my Honda's.Why bother when you can do it yourself and save money.Even a valve inspection/adjustment is easy.Look in the How-To section in this forum,there's a great writ-up on how to do it.
i second yooperrforeman. its easy, and the how-to is pretty good. i do also recomend getting a shop repair manual, starting little like this, it'll be no time untill you feel more and more comfortable working on your quad, no need for 55dollar an hr guy playng around with your quad. messing it up.

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