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First Upgrades

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I purchased a Foreman 500 and want to do some upgrades. What upgrades are suggested to first to pick up HP and performance. I have been looking through the posts and it seems that maybe I should try the following upgrades. Right now machine is all stock except for front plate guards installed at Southernpowersports.

Air Filter
Dyno Kit

As you can see I'm new to this world, but loving every minute on the trails in AL. Will be going to WV this fall for some time on Hatfield & McCoy Trails.
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what type of riding do you do?
New2ATV ,

I claim to be no expert , but I'll share my experiences of equiptment add-ons. First, get a winch 2.5K+(Warn, Gorilla, Viper, Venum) all about the same, except price . It will be the best money spent. 2nd full skid plates (Bash , A-Arm, Belly, Swing Arm). I'm using the Moose aluminium and riding in N.Ga Mnts,(rocks, dirt, downed tree's) skid plates are a must. Most of the skid plates and cv boot protectors I have looked at are not worth a **** for protecting the outside/inside cv boots, I'm modifiying my Moose A-Arm skide plates to protect the cv boots better. 3rd, Hand guards , specially if riding in heavy wooded area's. 4th go to the Honda shop and get a bag of black fender rivets, you will loose them and will need them. 5th, if your looking at riding on properties with out official permission, look at a Benz Silent Rider. Foremans are extremely quit with it. 6th, Reverse (red button) over ride. Hand Guards and the Red Button , just don't work well together. See this forum, you can make your own very easy. I know thats a lot of add-ons and $$$, but in N.Ga you need it if you want to ride the woods with out tearing up your Honda.
Hope That helps
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