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I asked for it, so I guess I will post first. I really like my recon, I feel that they are under estimated because they are so small. But being so lite and small is an advantage, I just thought I would share my thoughts. Very soon I will be upgrading to a foreman, Hopefully I will meet some of yall on Sat. at Red Creek. Don't be bashful if you see me, stop me and introduce yourself. There are some pics in my sig.
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There is something to be said about the small and lightweight machines no doubt. I've been totally impressed with how the Ranchers run, so im sure its more of the same for the Recons.
I will be looking for ya at Redcreek.
Hey brian that is great...I'm glad you are coming to ride...Just look for the group that has at least 4 05 foremans in it...All colors...I have green, robb had yellow///I think trugrit had red...and my other buddy will have his red one... Hope to see you there...
Raveer2000 I seen you at Red Creek on July 3rd, but I did not realize who you where until I came home and saw the pictures you took that weekend. I was very impressed with your bike.
Thanks man i appreciate that...Look forward to seeing you this weekend...I'm gonna get a shirt with my screen name on it sometime.
Change of plans, won't make it this weekend.
bummer...Maybe next time...
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